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Jersey Shore Pirates

Pirate Adventures in Brick, NJ

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Come sail with Jersey Shore Pirates, the Industry leader in all things Pirate, as we bring the most unique form of family entertainment to the New Jersey Shore area. Bring your young pirates aboard the Sea Gypsy II for a swashbuckling pirate adventure on the Metedeconk River in Brick, NJ. A perfect adventure for families of all sizes!

Your mini mates will have the opportunity to get face painted with pirate “tattoos”, and learn some pirate lingo before setting sail on an hour and fifteen minute long action packed adventure. Once on board, the mates will participate in an interactive treasure hunt on the high seas. They will learn the rules of the Sea Gypsy II pirate ship, read a treasure map, discover a secret message in a bottle, and work as a team to defeat the enemy pirate who has stolen the keys to their treasure. Prepare to man our famous water cannons to win back the keys from our nemesis Pirate Pete! Once we have won back the keys, we’re off in search of the sunken treasure. X marks the spot for our crew’s hard earned spoils. The mates will use all of their might to hoist the treasure from the seas below onto the Sea Gypsy II. Their reward: each child takes with them a handful of loot and a lifetime of authentic pirate tales to tell. The adventure continues when the crew discovers a secret stash of Pete’s Grog and celebrates as we safely return to port.

While the adventure is the focus of our mates, SAFETY is the focus of our experienced captain and crew aboard our Coast Guard Certified Vessel. Jersey Shore Pirates is conveniently located inside Pier 281 Marina on Princeton Avenue in Brick, NJ, next to the beautiful Windward Beach Park. The complete adventure averages a total of an hour and forty-five minutes from face paint and dress up to our triumphant return to the dock.



Jersey Shore Pirates
What a blast!

Let me start by simply saying, “WOW!” All of the kids had a blast. It was worth every dime, and it really wasn’t even expensive at all considering that we had 41 people on board. The kids were chatting about it every day afterwards for at least a week.

– Pat C. | TripAdvisor
Jersey Shore Pirates
Such a great time!

Took the four year old grandson and he had a blast. So did we! Reservations are a must, and I recommend getting the whole pirate outfit with sword! Now go out there and sink Pirate Pete with those water cannons, and find that sunken treasure!

– Tim K. | Google Reviews
Jersey Shore Pirates
Never a dull moment!

An adventure to smile about for years to come. We had been to one birthday party in the past hosted by another family. We had such fond memories we decided to do it for our second child's 6th birthday. Our older child was 10 and had just as much fun, or even more, than the 6 year olds! The adults were also completely surprised by how enjoyable the crew is!

– Kati D. | TripAdvisor
Jersey Shore Pirates
Don't miss the show!

The kids loved the experience. The "pirates" engaged all the youngsters from motivating stories to water cannons and a sunken treasure. It was a great time for all of us. So entertaining for the adults to watch the kids enjoying the adventure! Highly recommend.

– Michael G. | Google Reviews

Often imitated never duplicated…don’t get stuck searching for fools gold! This is where families come to plunder!