Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations for smaller families or do we need to be with a larger group?

Families of all sizes are welcome! You do not need to be part of a larger group to enjoy a trip on the Sea Gypsy II. Our trips are fun for families of two or families of twenty. All will take part in the adventure.

How do I make a reservation?

Please call us at 732-899-6100 to make your reservations or now you can book online. Please know while we are very active on our Social Media Pages and e-mail throughout the day we can not constantly monitor it so please know the only way to make or talk about your reservation is over our phone lines.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We highly recommend that you make a reservation for any sail as we have a limited capacity that we are allowed to bring aboard the Sea Gypsy II for any sailing time. This capacity count includes all people onboard including infants through adults and is set by the Coast Guard. We will not be able to accommodate even the smallest passenger once we hit out maximum capacity, no exceptions can or will be made.

Are you Affiliated with any other Pirate Ships?

Jersey Shore Pirate Adventures is Family Owned and operated. We are not part of any other companies. We do however sail under the Pirate Adventures Flag That has been operating since 1995. Our sister ships can be found up and down the east coast, they are all also owned and operated individually but the Sea Gypsy's name assures a family friendly experience at any of the other locations. Pirate Adventures has been recognized as the best in the business since its beginning. Other Sea Gypsy Ports of call include; Hyannis Cape Cod, Annapolis MD, Myrtle Beach SC, and Martha's Vineyard MA.

Does the Sea Gypsy look like a Pirate Ship?

Absolutely! The Sea Gypsy II was designed around our Pirate Adventure. It has the look and feel of an authentic Pirate Ship but is built with our program in mind. The ship is designed to keep the kids involved the entire trip. Pirate Adventures has been the leader in the industry since 1995. 36 Foot mast, wood trim, no glue on statues needed.

Can I reserve the Sea Gypsy for Adult Grog Parties?

Jersey Shore Pirates is first and foremost a children's adventure cruise and we take pride in the fact that our ship is used exclusively for family oriented fun. As a result, we do not have a scheduled adult themed pirate cruises for individuals ticket purchase.. If you rent out a private boat for a family adventure and want to take a cruise along the beautiful Metedeconk River you are more than welcome to bring a little of your own grog for the grownups and we would be happy to customize the Adventure for your crew. This makes for great family reunions and get togethers.

Is a Pirate Adventure Party fun for girls too?

Aye it absolutely is! Our young lady mates have a great time onboard The Sea Gypsy II. We host many parties and events for young ladies. Throughout history there have been many famous (and infamous) Women Pirates to sail the seven seas. Some of our favorites are: Anne Bonny - Female Pirate of the Caribbean and Grace O'Malley - Famous Irish woman pirate who commanded 3 galleys and 200 men.

What do you do if it rains?

Weather Channel = Fake News

We sail in rain or drizzle but we do not sail if the conditions are determined to be unsafe by the Captain. All weather related decisions are determined by the Captain. Please keep in mind that a 30% chance of rain means there is a 70% chance of treasure. We will make all decisions one hour prior to your check in time for your Pirate Adventure. Please review our cancellation policy. If it is raining where you are driving from it doesn't mean that it is raining at our location. We do our absolute best that we can with all weather situations but sometimes weather can be unpredictable. We are always close to our docking area and safety is our top concern. Trips can be altered or changed if the captain determines it is necessary. Please know that Weather Channels and weather apps are frequently inaccurate and we do not pay attention to any long range forecasts but rather watch radars the day of only.

Do we need to bring life jackets?

We have plenty of life jackets onboard the Sea Gypsy. However, our life jackets are built for safety rather than comfort so you are more than welcome to bring your own life vest from home if you would like. However, since we are a Coast Guard certified vessel our mates are not required to wear them while onboard.

Do you leave the dock?

Yes, we are an interactive treasure hunt for children and we sail in the Metedeconk River on our Coast Guard Inspected vessel. The waters are safe, calm and protected.

Are the waters rough? Will I get Sea Sick?

We sail in safe protected waters. The only waves that we come across are from other boat wakes in the river. We sail on the Metedeconk River which is the northern most part of the Barnegat Bay. We are protected from all rough seas and there are no strong currents or large tide changes. There is plenty of water in the Metedeconk at both high and low tides.

Is there any food on the boat?

No. The children are involved the entire time throughout their Pirate Adventure so there is no time for food on the sail. However, if you want to bring a small snack or drinks for your child you are more than welcome to do so. We also have a drink cooler in our office and their is new family friendly restaurant located in the marina.

Can we have a birthday cake onboard?

No, but there is a free public park right next door to the marina if you would like to extend your day. We also have a Pirate Themed room that is available for rent for 45 minutes after any cruise.

Is it scary for the kids?

We pride ourselves on being child friendly and our program is geared to involve all of the kids. We are friendly Pirates not scary ones. Your kids are turned into the Pirates during the trip right in front of your eyes.

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